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Bird Feather Teaser Wand

  • $11.99

Entertain & Amuse: Stop your cat getting up to mischief with this Teaser Wand

Save your Furniture: Bored cats get up to no good keep them busy with this flexible wand. 

Health is Wealth: Fun exercise and stimulation for your favorite pet.

Material: Safe non-toxic plastic 

Butterfly  style:

Flower Diameter   Flower Height     Wire Length       Butterfly Width  

3.15"/8CM                2.17"/5.5CM      30.00"/21CM      2.36"/6CM

Bird style:

Flower diameter   Flower height        Wire Length        Bird  Width

3.15"/8CM            2.17"/5.5CM       38.00"/21CM    3.94"/10CM

Power: AA battery needed (not included)

Color and design of styles will be random

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