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Dog and Cat Hair Brush

  • $19.99

Brushing is a very good bonding time for pets and owners. Just like massages, brushing is a physical activity that increases trust and friendship between owners and pets. 

Make your brush time more special by using our dog and cat hair brush. The unique soft but sturdy metal tips makes brushing easier putting less stress on your pet and more happy memories. 😁👍

Make your pet's hair straight and long - This is just the tool to create soft sleek shiny hair.
Safe and Comfy - The bush is very safe to use and is also comfortable for your dog.
Large Comb - The large surface makes brushing really easy and quick, the perfect solution for de shedding your goldie, eliminating tangles, dirt and dander
Special Treat - Create that special bond with your dog with soft gentle relaxing strokes 

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