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Goldie Chew Toy - 7 Styles to choose from

  • $5.99

  • High-quality toys - "Tough as old ropes" Yes these ropes really are :)
  • Get more bonding time with dog - Your goldie will never get tired of playing with you! You can have hours of fun in the park, in the back yard or even inside the house!
  • Treat your dog ! - "Dogs just wanna have fun" who needs a bored dog around the house.
  • No more chewed shoes - The chew toy is very durable, goldens will have lots of fun chewing on them and not your shoes, sandals or furniture. 
  • Relaxed and stress free! - Dogs that have lots of fun with toys are more relaxed and stress free than pets who get bored doing nothing! 
  • Go on get yours while stock last 


  • Rope is made from 100% Cotton
  • Soft yet Durable
  • Easy to clean

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