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Taking care of your dogs during winter!

Posted by Joseph Penaranda on

Winter is here now, so we can expect much colder weather. As humans, we are very capable of taking care of ourselves during the winter. We can choose to wear clothes that are suitable for this time of the yeas. We have jackets, sweaters, socks, and we can choose to wear several layers to keep us warm.

But what about your dogs? Do you know how to take care of them during the winter? They still need to do their daily routines like walking, pooping outside and other activities that they normally do outside.
Some dogs love winter and others may not but here are some tips for you keep in mind during the winter.

Always go with your dog outside - 
Make sure that you always accompany your dog outside the house. Don't leave them alone. See to it that you are able to monitor their condition so you can easily go back inside the house if you think its too cold.


Keep your dog's hair long and thick - If you constantly shave your dog's hair or cut it short make sure that their hair has grown back for the winter. Their hair helps them to keep warm during this cold season.

Puppies and old dogs need more attention - During the cold season, pups and old dogs are more prone to getting sick because they have lower tolerance against the cold. They need special attention during this time.

Protect your dog's paw at all times - Snow, salt and other ice melters can cause inflammation on your dog's paw. Make sure that you always cut your dog's nails before going out and clean your dog's paw after walking or letting him play outside. You can also try to train your dog to use boots to protect their paws.

Leashes - Keep them on the leash for their safety. If ever you need to let them off, make sure to keep an eye on your dog at all times. If you notice that there is an increase in snow fall immediately put the leash back and guide him back inside.

Sweaters and blankets - If you feel that your home is not warm enough consider covering your dog with a blanket or indeed get him one of those dog sweaters for extra insulation, particularly for when the temperature drops during the night. 

Make them exercise every day if possible - Make your dog run around and have some fun, this should warm up both the animal and the owner.

Caution - It is always a good thing to have your vet's number readily available and can be seen by everyone at home in case of emergency.

Always remember that your dog depends on you. They need you to take care of them and in exchange, they become the most loyal best friend you will ever need.
What are you waiting for? Get out there with your dogs and have the best winter experience!

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